Skilled Woodworking specializes in providing exterior columns to home builders in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul metro and surrounding areas.

Skilled Woodworking was founded in 2006 as owner Joe Hill sought to revamp his trim carpentry business, Joe Hill Construction, to offer more services in the tumultuous time that followed the housing bubble collapse. The company began offering a much wider array of products and services, and a more fitting name was chosen to reflect the new direction.

Since those tough times, Skilled Woodworking has built partnerships with premier builders in the metro area to once again focus on perfecting a smaller subset of the industry. Although we do take on other projects sometimes, Skilled Woodworking LLC is now primarily focused on creating and installing custom exterior columns for other home builders. Focusing on exterior columns has allowed for us to refine our production methods and offer our customers the highest quality at the best price. If you are a builder that is looking for a more effective solution to your exterior column needs, we hope you will consider using us.

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